June 15, 2016

1 Small Step for Our Furry Friends II

In our previous post we brought to you Leo’s story and how Gozoop chose to work with YODA to help him and his friends. In this post we will tell you about our plan, the journey and how we took 1SmallStep for our furry friends.

We began with a project to raise funds for the animals that were rescued by YODA. After all housing and caring for animals can be incredibly expensive, especially in the case of rescue animals who are often injured or suffering from illness that require medication and therapies.IMG-20160530-WA0025

Instead of relying on contributions we chose to hold a fundraising event on a hot and blustery day. On sale was a selection of desserts and beverages that were the perfect antidote to the crushing summer heat. The sales figures soared higher than the temperature outside.

Bansi is can't let go of this kitten
Bansi is can’t let go of this kitten

We managed to collect a total of Rs 21,500. Rs 10,000 was handed over to YODA as a donation and another Rs 10,000 was used to purchase food, medication and other essential supplies for the animals. The remaining money will be used for a social media campaign that will encourage animal adoption.

To imbue the contribution with meaning, we arranged a visit to the YODA shelter in Mahim, on Saturday the 25th of May.

We traipsed in together not really sure of what to expect. The animals however, made us feel at home. They welcomed us with their wagging tails, soft purrs and expectant faces and we couldn’t help but smile.

Gozoop at YODA
Leo greets Vallabh with enthusiasm

It was here that we met Leo, a loving animal whose eyes were filled with a yearning for the family that left him in a heartbeat. We played with Prince an adorable Pug who is blind. We also encountered a dog with only three working legs whose determination to live his life to the fullest pushed us to introspect our own life choices.

Another partially paralysed tabby cat snuggled up to Bansi, who swears she would have taken him home if not for her wilful dog – Tuffy. Govind on the other hand was smitten by a pair of large handsome dogs who reminded him of the energy and enthusiasm of his dog – Sparky.

Each of the animals greeted us with an open heart. There was no distrust or anger, just animals looking for warmth and affection. Looking at them approaching us strangers with nothing but open affection, had a profound effect on us. In a few short minutes they had shown us more love and compassion than we had witnessed in the past few months.

In the words of John Grogan, author of Marley and Me, “A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.” We couldn’t agree more.

One cute cat picture… because cat!

Animals are like people, with personalities and character traits that are completely individual. And, like humans they hold an immense capacity to love. Taking care of an animal, is never a passing fancy, it is always a labour of love that teaches patience and brings out your best self.

Help Leo and other abandoned animals like him. Please get in touch with YODA via Facebook if you find an animal that needs help or rescuing. Or if you know anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat. These animals deserve every chance they can get!


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