July 8, 2013

Blood Donation @Gozoop

Saturday was just round the corner, which meant it was time for a fun activity! But this time, instead of just fun, we decided to inject more productivity into the day. Quite literally.

We spoke to an enthusiastic bunch of people at Think Foundation, who strongly believe that nothing is impossible. They conduct blood donation camps regularly in different parts of Mumbai and are extremely active with colleges. They offered to visit us at work and get people to donate blood. The Saturday definitely had loads to look forward to!

Their energy was infectious and all of us were waiting for the chance to donate blood, for it was a first for many. Crossing the first test was a task. A disappointed few couldn’t donate due to blood pressure, low hemoglobin count etc. But nothing of that stopped them from cheering on the ones who made it to the van. :p

Parth Joshi, who was donating blood for the second time was thrilled with his experience. He felt the joy of being able to help someone and the fact he made it through the tests to donate blood. Similar sentiments flowed in from the rest too!

We had a record of 17 people who donated blood that day. Without doubt, we were swelling with pride and excitement. It was an experience that’s bound to go down in the history of Gozoop!

Check out pictures of the Blood Donation drive here!


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