February 23, 2016

5 Things We Learned at Jeevan Asha Old Age Home

Gozoop at Jevan Asha
Gozoopers at Jeevan Asha

Each time you set out on a mission to make someone happy, you will find that you’ve accumulated double the happiness for yourself.

On Saturday, 20th February, as part of our #1SmallStep initiative, Gozoop decided to bring a smile on the faces of those residing at the Jevan Asha old age home. Organised by the SEO team, the visit left us with countless memories and smiles that will stay with us for a long time.

We don’t have enough words to encapsulate our experience there but here are five important life lessons we learnt that are worth sharing.

1)      Time is the best gift you can give someone

“In a place like Mumbai where there are so many attractive places you can rather be right now, you all chose to come here and spend time us”- Mr. Rio, Jivan Asha old age home.

Harshala and Akshay with the elders at Jevan Asha
Harshala and Akshay with the elders at Jeevan Asha

These simple words taught us the value of presence. People don’t need expensive gifts to feel valued, what they truly want and will never ask for, is your time.

2)      Keep smiling through wins and losses

During the time we spent there we also played a game of housie. What we saw was that no matter who won, all of them rejoiced equally.

Playing Housie at Jevan Asha
Playing Housie at Jeevan Asha

This taught us that you won’t always be the winner and there will be times when you will be on the losing side. However, instead of being sad about losing, be a part of someone’s happiness.

3)      Live in the present

Each one had lived a difficult life and were not too sure about what the future holds for them and still they chose to focus on the present.

Singing at Jevan Asha
Singing at Jeevan Asha

Most of us spend our time complaining about the past and worrying about the future and in the process forget to live in the present. The past is over, the future is unknown, why waste away your present pondering over that which is irrelevant? Que Sera, Sera!

4)      Love your parents

This visit also reminded us that our parents are growing old too and more than anything else our time is what they need the most.

Enjoying the moment
Enjoying the moment

5)      Dance like no one’s watching

 We decided to end the visit by dancing to some Bollywood songs. While we reluctantly grooved, some of the elders sportingly came forward and showed us the right way to dance.

Dancing with abandon
Dancing with abandon

We are responsible for how we choose to enjoy life, either dance like no one’s watching or sit there and wonder what others will think.

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