July 29, 2011

Campaign of the Month-Cafe Chokolade July ’11

Café Chokolade Contest!

-The main objective of running this contest was to promote the launch of Café Chokolade’s 1st Flagship Store in India. Café Chokolade boasts of having one of the biggest Café’s in India, in the form of this store in Pune.

-Contest Mechanism:

1.      We started with buzz generation as to something BIG is coming up through our daily wall posts. Then after a week or two when people were eager to know as to what that BIG surprise was, we revealed the contest as follows:

2.      The user once on the page has to scratch the wooden chocolaty surface using the mouse behind which we reveal the BIG Chokolade secret.

3.      The Big secret is offcourse the new Chokolade flagship store in Pune. On the lower half of the page we reveal the prizes the user can win and by clicking on that section he is redirected to a new landing page.

4.      The new landing page is in the form of a data form. Only after filling the required details is the user eligible to take part in the contest. This enables us to have a fans database for future use.  This data is automatically stored in our gmail account.

5.      After the form is filled the user is again redirected to a new landing page which is in the contest page. Here we ask them a very simple question, “I love Chokolade because __________”.

6.      Once filled, the user gets a pop up asking for their permission to publish this contest on their wall. This enables the contest to go viral.

We have been successful in enticing users to take part in our contest mainly because the contest is very simple, not time consuming, easy to understand and the participants get a chance to win loads of great prizes!

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