November 4, 2013

Diwali Celebrations!

You know it is Diwali, when there’s ample colour, lights, happiness and music. Which is exactly what we did at Gozoop. Welcomed by beautiful rangoli patterns at the entrance, the entire office was vibrant and lovely. Dressed in stunning Indian attires, the office was a burst of all kinds of happy colours! With all the celebrations around, cameras were clicking away to glory while posers posed their best while a few others danced merrily to a couple of desi numbers. Despite all the fun, the best part was yet to come.

FOOD! A potluck lunch was all we needed to get ‘high’. Having successfully lost count of the number of food items, plates were full and the smell was unimaginably inviting. The chitter-chatter only added to the Diwali-fied atmosphere.


Cameras were out and clicking again (we never get tired of posing). The day continued on with Diwali wishes doing its usual rounds. The Happiness Officers, being as awesome as they always are, didn’t let anybody leave without a pretty basket full of chocolates and a lovely card. How can Diwali end without sweets, anyway?


Our Happiness Officers have outdone themselves yet again, and we so love’em!

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