June 19, 2011

Donut Day for Mad Over Donuts!

Mad Over Donuts: Campaign of the month
Donut Day – 17th June 2011

The onset of the donut day began with lots of excitement at both sides – The Mad Over Donuts management inlcuding us handling their online presence and publicity; and equally by the numerous fanatic crazy fans! We had taken the Initiative of donut day promotions, and we needed to make sure that everything went as per we had planned, and as smooth as butter!

We started social media usage to the fullest, using Facebook and Twitter aggressively. Kickass Facebook promotions were done by declaring donut day online, and the offer was poured out to our melting fans. Numerous likes to the posts as well as positive comments in the form of feedback were seen. Fans were pretty much engaged in the whole event, and very actively indeed on Facebook.

Another brick in the wall was when Live pictures of Mad Over Donuts stores and the hustle bustle out there was posted to the fan page for the view of fans and also create an urge! People started posting positive reviews about their experience at the Mad Over Donuts store and how much they loved the donut, and expressing how thankful they were for the donut day. One of the most engaging activities was where Fans tagged their friends to the photo of Donut Day, which resulted in the event showing up on others feeds, which in turn resulted in a whole new number of fan likes to M.O.D page.

This whole new fan base which was ready, jumped to heights by increase of over 210 likes which is a direct increase by 10% to the existing fan page. Another thing seen was Interaction on the fan page had increased to a good percentage. One of the surprising elements was that The Monthly active users in the month of May were 42,525, whereas in the month of June it became 64,312. Also Photo views had increased significantly from 85 in May to 928 in June, which is an exorbitant number comparatively.
There were close to 300,000 Post views for the day, quite a rare figure. The final Multiple Posting Strategy played off very well indeed; the page was flooded by love shown from all the fans all throughout the day. We updated all the fans of the page with the latest news, and the crowd position at the stores. The post views increased by 38% from May to June, and the feedback also increased by 10%.

Twitter promotions were not at all lacking behind. The posts by us were re-tweeted by fans; there were queries, comments and feedback in all forms on twitter. Amazingly Tweets in May were 48, in June 196.
More Interactions in the form of queries by users was seen, they poured in like rain asking about the crowd and donut availability. Donut day had 245 tweets out of which 30% tweets were replied back to, And there were more than 80 Retweets which is an amazingly cool thing to happen. In a matter of time this became the Trending Topic in Mumbai and India. The #moddonutday was a used by many followers.
The Top Twitter influencers were: @devv963 @pranitabalar @joshimihir @i_richita @thebangera @KautyaRocks.

This finally led to Mad Over Donuts being more popular as a brand online, and lots of activity was seen offline. The Brand Awareness increased significantly. Also Customer satisfaction led to demand by customers for more outlets in their vicinities. Social media emerged as a boon to the brand, as target specific market had been tapped upon. Customers were able to address immediate queries to us, to which we happily replied. Ultimately we received lots of positive feedback and fans showered their favourite brand Mad Over Donuts with lots of love.

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