March 25, 2016

Girls at Seva Sadan Society Taught us ‘How to Be A Princess’

fggGozoopers at Seva Sadan Society

At Gozoop, we don’t just spread happiness among fellow Gozoopers, but to those beyond as well. The responsibility of conducting our #1SmallStep initiative this month rested in the hands of our Happiness Team. March being Women’s Month, the team used this opportunity to conduct a visit to the Seva Sadan Society, an established century old NGO for the emancipation and empowerment of underprivileged women. We went there with the mission of spreading smiles on the faces of the little girls; what we didn’t know then was these little princesses will teach us an important lesson that we had forgotten— how to be a princess.

1. Yearn to learn

sdijhfgGirls around Divya, eager to learn how to make an origami frock

The way they scrambled around us and sat with their craft papers to learn origami was endearing. That showed us that a true princess never stops learning; no matter how perfect she is, she will always be ready to learn something new!

2. Waltz, especially when people are watching

fghThe girls performing to a song with a choreographed dance

A princess is never shy to display her talents. For her, the whole world is an audience. Girls at the Seva Sadan Society put up a performance for us. Dancing for us means gyrating to the beats, for them it was all about the perfect steps. They knew their moves, and performed it in perfect synchronization.

3. If you feel it, you show it

dsryThey loved taking selfies!

Remember those times when you wanted to say something but held yourself back? Well the girls at Seva Sadan don’t know how to do that. They knew what they wanted and made sure they were heard. So stand up with all your elegance and confidently ask for what you want, that’s the true sign of a princess.

4. Creativity is making the best of what you have

dftgsgThe mini-refrigerator the girls had made

The girls were quick to learn to make origami butterflies and they also showed us a mini-model of a refrigerator complete with plastic fruits and cold drinks, a television and a closet which they had made. Not all princess have everything they desire but they don’t lose heart, they continue to be a princess with all that they have.

5. Live in the present, but do not lose sight of the future

sryhSpreading happiness

Even with all the gaiety, having a wonderful time, the girls didn’t forget that they had exams to study for. The true grace of a princess lies in enjoying the present moment to the fullest, yet knowing that she’s not a princess just for a day, but for a lifetime which means being responsible as well.

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