April 22, 2016

Gozoop at the Family Guild of Service

What it takes to make someone smile

With a mission of making a difference, Gozoopers take turns every month to do something good for society. While one team organizes it, the others join in. This month the Development team took us to meet the boys residing at the Family Home Guild of Service. The caretaker Swati ma’am welcomed us with the boys. The trustees, Supriya Naik and Dhananjay Mehta, joined us soon after.

The immensely positive bunch of boys surprised us with their moves, their talks and their contentment with life. They were surprised too, especially when they received the attention of a big group of Gozoopers, who not only took out time to make them smile, but also provided them with uniforms for the next school year.

Making someone smile is as easy as it sounds. And as rewarding as any other act of kindness can be. Here’s what you can do the next time you want to make someone smile.


Take initiative and involve people.

Shruti with the boys at the Family Home
Shruti with the boys at the Family Home

Let them spread smiles, too!


 Give them quality time.

Jagruti with the boys

And moments to cherish in that time.


Match up to their enthusiasm and energy levels.

Amusing little boys

Even if it involves racing and playing cricket without a bat.



 Fill their lives with colors of your own.

Govind painting for the boys
Govind painting for the boys

Yes, painting a wall or two, helps too!


Do something for them which only you can do.

Like a digital presence to help them get noticed.


Last but not the least, give them chocolates.

Chocolate for the boys
Chocolate for the boys

Chocolates can create the curve that can set everything straight!


All we wanted is to make them smile. And that, we surely did!

Team Gozoop taking 1 Small Step
Team Gozoop taking 1 Small Step

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