April 1, 2016

Gozoop Goes Bowling

Every Wednesday, Gozoopers arrive at office to either a surprise breakfast, goodies after lunch, or a closing treat at the end of the day. On the Wednesday of March, the 23rd things were a little different. We were bowled over by the surprise that was in store for us, which had been delivered to us via email.


Strike 1: Gotta bowl!

We had a Wednesday mid-week surprise that kindled our sportsman spirit for a sport that’s loved our spirits.


The venue was Amoeba at Phoenix Kurla, and time was 7pm on 23rd March, 2016.

Strike Mafias
The Strike Mafia

Strike 2: Striking it up with the gang

The invite had received an astounding confirmation from 39 Gozoopers. In honour of International Women’s Day, we were to be divided into teams headed by girls, who had chosen their team members in a fun bidding session.

Gozoop goes bowling
The Blue Barracudas

Strike 3: Striking to perfection.

The event was a total knockout. Music seemed just right, the sportsmanship spirit up to the mark. Strikes weren’t counted; we were there to revel and give our best. The scoreboard wasn’t the driving factor in the game. The fun was. It’s like we say, we don’t remember days…we remember moments.

The winners, with an unbeatable score of 507, were Bowls to You, the team led by Madhura. Govind was the highest individual scorer at 144.

The Winning Team – Bowls To You

The event was the brainchild of our Happiness Ambassador of the month, Kunal.

“The tournament saw such enthusiasm from the players which surprised everyone. In fact, people continued playing the game long even after the tournament had ended. I want to thank the Happiness Team who gave me an opportunity to organize an event that got all Gozoopers together to get bowled over.”

Well that’s how we roll!

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