December 21, 2015

Gozoop Goes to Goa

In December the entire Gozoop India team left the comfort of their desks for a weekend long off-site in Goa. Here is how a simple three day getaway became a catalyst for change and helped the team recharge and rejuvenate for 2016!

Gozoop India Team

When you whisk away your entire team for a weekend away from work to Goa, to unwind and have a great time, what happens is lots of official unofficial conversations, leg-pulling, and a lifetime of camaraderie. Not convinced? Wait for a change in your thought process after you read this.

Generally in most offices the employer to employee interaction is rather relaxed. However, the average employee still regards the CEO or team head as a boss, which can create barriers in communication.

This changed for Gozoopers at Goa. Some may say that it was something in Goa’s air that makes people lose their inhibitions. Others strongly argue that when they saw their reporting managers and team heads in such a relaxed mood away from their desks, it was an immediate ice-breaker. What followed were interesting conversations that left the whole team inspired. Inspired to be better and do better.

Another thing that most people really appreciated about the trip was how people became more forthcoming with each other, especially from separate teams. At our desk jobs, we all are known to have a specific skill set which is what our company retains us for and lets us excel at. When you make the entire team interact with each other, new discoveries are made and regular people become multi-faceted. This helps you in making better products and services as you get a fresh new perspective. So, the next time a colleague comes to you for something that does not entail your job description, don’t be caught off-guard.

Being an unofficial set up and not the regular monthly townhall, people were more open to accepting errors and learning from their mistakes. Some much needed humour was seamlessly incorporated into a three hour session of revisiting the year’s wins, losses and learnings. The session led way to a system being put in place for new policies and a practical plan of action to achieve escalated success in the year to come.

What often happens in an organization that is spread across not just different verticals but also different geographies is that they get caught up in the confinement of these verticals and geographies. A get-together such as this helped break away from that and made everyone realize that they were all part of one strong organization that had a lot to offer. The saying, the whole is always larger than the sum of all its parts, was put into a new perspective.

In the end it was a wonderful experience because colleagues turned into friends, problems turned into opportunities and the entire team returned to their desks by saying goodbye to Monday blues for a long time to come.

Don’t believe us? Maybe these Gozoopers’ experience will convince you.

Premkumar Iyer

Digital Media Agency Gozoop in Goa

“Fantastic! A much needed break. It was great to see how everyone came together and had pure fun for 2 days without any fear of being judged by others. And the waiter’s reaction to “Bhaiya Ginger Tea milega kya” was priceless :-)

Madhura Nadkarni

Gozoopers in Goa

“If I have to put it in one word it would be just ‘refreshing’! The Goa weekend was a much needed break that we were all craving for. Short and crisp, a lot of fun shenanigans and very well organised!”

Dixi Chari

Gozoop SEO Team in Goa

“The Goa trip will always be a memorable one. No time constrains, no stress, no work just pure fun. Dancing on those Desi Bollywood beats, late night chats, my first cruise trip. Wow. The list shall go on and on. This trip has brought so many happy memories that I’ll cherish for long”

 Vallabh Ghag

Gozzop Offsite

“A totally crazy time for all Gozoopers. An eye opener where we saw the people behind their professional persona. In all a perfectly organized trip where the whole company bonded and mixed up in true sense”


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