March 20, 2012

Gozoop Makes A Mark!

To all those who are on Twitter, you already know what ‘Trending World-wide’ is equivalent to and to those who are unaware of this concept, it’s as if you were being featured on all the news websites around the world at the same time. And we’ve recently achieved this feat. (Wooww!!)

We, at Gozoop, have set for ourselves yet another benchmark with a hashtag called ‘ReplaceMovieNameWithExam’ that we initiated for our client – Mad Over Donuts. The said #tag contest was trending worldwide just within 3 hours of being live on Twitter.

We launched the campaign on 19th March 2012, at 12 noon as a part of our fortnightly Twitter contest for Mad Over Donuts and by 3pm we were already trending #1 worldwide. Not just that, we were trending #1 in Mumbai as well as in India.

While we were just absorbing this success, we figured out that the real picture was larger than we thought. In no time, we were trending #1 in several countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Malaysia. One of the tweets that also trended worldwide was #HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyExam that took the contest a notch higher. The rest, as we say is history!

Twitter executions have been one of our strengths, considering the ‘Twitter Expert’ that we have! (You know I’m talking about you but I won’t name you!)

Now, when we look back at how it all unfolded, we just have a round of giggles going on with some hands slapping each other and some smiles getting wider!

To begin with, we had two #tag options that we were to choose from. Fortunately, we zeroed down on #ReplaceMovieNameWithExam. Little did we know that it would make a global footprint two and a half hours later! We were all excited and began tracking it down with an online tool we usually use. (I’m not gonna name that either!) At about 2.40 PM IST the mentions of the #tag suddenly surged as it started to go viral in USA. Soon enough we ran out of the tracking limit of the tool and the mentions of the #tag were skyrocketing.

While we absorbed this success amongst our team, we definitely called for several boxes of donuts and feasted ourselves on this yet another success story! With Twitter at our fingertips, we are certain to have many more glories to be achieved! Until then, keep checking out for all the awesome stuff we do on Twitter and elsewhere!

Author- Bansi Raja

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