November 30, 2013

How to Organize Blogger Contests, Meets and Campaigns


Bloggers are a great medium to reach out to specific target audiences. A blogger always has a loyal set of readers, fans and followers and is an influencer. More often than not, readers look up to bloggers for fresh, informative, and funny content. Buying and consumption decisions can be successfully influenced through a blogger campaign. Here are some tips that will help build a successful blogger campaign:

Planning the campaign:

Once the activity is decided, this is the checklist you need to follow.

  • There has to be a big incentive for the blogger to write about you/your products/services.
  • The activity shouldn’t be restricted to just the brand and product, it should add value to the blogger’s blogging abilities and also make it a valuable experience for the readers and followers.
  • Blogging activities work best around launches.
  • Sync all blog activities with other social networking sites to broaden the reach.

Give away:

  • Prizes: Most blogger campaigns work around prizes.
  • The bigger the prize, the more the value addition. And the more the participation and buzz around it.

Zeroing down on good bloggers has become very easy, thanks to all the websites with readily available sources. Websites like and assist blogging community owners. They also run blogger campaigns for brands for a certain fee, help the brand devise a campaign and also promote it on their database.

Alternate way is to manually search for bloggers and invite them personally to participate in the contests. Twitter lists, such a or will help search Twitter bios.

Last but not the least, be prompt with the prizes and gratification, for otherwise it was come across as lack of commitment. Showing good organizational skills and commitment will also help the bloggers be loyal towards your brand.


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