October 3, 2012

Let’s create good content!

The latest fad word that’s doing the rounds in social media is ‘good content’. Writing for the web is a booming market and expanding each day. So what is good content all about? Content will differ from brand to brand, but reaching out to the target audience and giving them what they need is what comes first and foremost.

Publishing relevant content is the but-obvious answer. The internet is brimming with information of all sorts; users are on a hungry lookout for more and more information. In this fast moving world, there isn’t enough time to beat around the bush. Get to the point, say it, and get going!

  • Descriptive titles and attractive words

The starting lines/words of a piece of content should always be the strongest. It makes or breaks the attention of the reader. Using an attractive headline and a fancy beginning will be an invitation to whatever follows.

  • Make conversation

Engage with your people. A dialogue always wins over a monologue. Make them feel important. Ask questions, spark a conversation, get two users acquainted over a discussion and always make room for comments and feedback.

  • Clear Language

As much as you shouldn’t underestimate your target audience, usage of fancy words may not always work to the brand’s advantage. Use simple language in an interesting way to get your point across.

  • Break it up

Nobody has the time to read through lengthy paragraphs of content. Break them up into sub headings, smaller paragraphs and keep it crisp. Put your message across in a precise manner as well as quickly understandable and compact.

  • Sum it up

If you’ve mentioned an idea, it should be worth mentioning it twice. Always close an article/piece of content with a brief summary of all the points you’ve elaborated. Putting them in pointers and using a maximum of 5-6 words will be the perfect end.

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