February 20, 2016

The Winning Video #LifeAtGozoop

19th February, 2016 was a day when Gozoopers were made to put their directorial abilities to the ultimate test. They were asked to shoot a 15 second video describing their life at Gozoop and post it on Instagram with the #LifeAtGozoop. Needless to say, the outcome was a collection of witty, humorous and creative videos, all conspiring to make some sense of the hashtag!

Entries submitted varied from time lapse videos depicting the routine Gozoop life to silly predictions about Gozoopers falling from their chairs!  We then asked our judges to select a video that was the most appealing and that came closest to describing the Gozoop life. The process was as difficult as picking a favourite child and as dramatic as any Indian soap opera one has ever seen.

This is evident from the fact that the judges were almost about to announce a tie before declaring one as the winner. Because the aim was to select a video that spoke about the Gozoop life and not just any other agency, the judges zeroed in on the video “Fusball Passion”. This video was true to the topic and the judges felt it portrayed something that was typically Gozoop, making it the real winner!

The video illustrates how passionate the boys are for the game of Foosball. However, taking this love to the next level it showed them playing the game in the dark during a power cut! That is some serious dedication. More than that, it represents one of Gozoop’s core values, which is to “do more with less”. Gozooper’s know how to make the most of every moment, whether it is for fun or for work.

Fusball passion in #lifeatgozoop @Gozoop @chints247 @gauravayir @goli_wale_baba @btdgr8 @_foreverfaster

A video posted by Renjith Prasad (@renjith1989) on

Chintan who is seen playing Foosball in the video tells us how the video came to be.

“The lights went out and we wanted to play Foosball. We went upstairs and realised that there were 6-7 of us in all. So few of us used the flashlights on our phones to light up the table, while others played. We wanted to play a competitive game so the phones were held at strategic angles and switched back and forth between the playing teams. Small incidents like this just can’t stop us from playing!”

Find all the entries on Instagram here!

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