October 15, 2013

Make Your Twitter Experience Count!


Twitter is a powerful medium helping brands reach out to a niche audience, who can be influencers to create/break a brand’s online image. Here are a few tips to make your twitter experience for a brand easier. These simple apps will help you keep track of the world around a brand and also make a difference to reaching out to your specific target audience.

1)      Tweetsmap: Have a clear idea of where you followers are. This will help you get your targeting right and help reach out to audience at your desired geographical location.

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2)      Socialbro: To build a strong community, aim at precise targeting and also for the most powerful analytics, socialbro is a very useful tool. It also tracks competitors and gives insights to the right time to post. Paid app.

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3)      Twilert: This free monitoring application helps to monitor chosen keywords across the Twitter world. It doesn’t monitor just mentions or handles, it is capable of monitoring all words within a tweet which ensures you don’t miss out on anything article, tweet or discussion on that particular chosen word.

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4)      Sentiment 140: Analysis whether any given hashtag is positive or negative based on the kind of tweets that have been received.

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5)      Tagboard: Type in a related keyword, and find all related images. Reduces manual work to a huge extent.

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6)      Twitterfall: Add a related keyword and watch all tweets in live time. You can choose the font, size, type, and the number of tweets you want to see in a stipulated time, etc. By far, the most addictive Twitter tool, by what experts say.

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7)      Hashtagify.me: Enter a hashtag, and find all the related hashtags/keywords. Closely monitor a competitor’s trends and hashtags, and also find out who their influencers are. Can be highly influential for every brand.

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8)      Tweroid: Find the perfect time to tweet, when your followers are online, and where they are tweeting from. The most important feature of this is being able to find out when your tweets receive maximum exposure. You can then tweet at the perfect time to reach out to most of your target audience.

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9)      Twitter Advanced Search: This can drastically narrow down results. You have the option of choosing from many search options it provides, under various categories viz. topic, hashtag, language etc. It is also possible to search for positive or negative tweets.

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