September 7, 2012

Social Media and the Music Industry

Over the past decade, social media has been booming with users showcasing talent through this medium using various platforms. Of all the industries, the music industry has tapped into this the most. The online footprint left behind by music fans is increasing at a fast pace every day. Viral videos have become the need of the day, pushing radio stars to the background. Becoming a famous video star overnight is becoming a more frequent occurrence today.

The concept of a ‘social media celebrity’ has picked up quickly. Whether an ordinary person, aspiring musician or a famous established singer, they’ve all come to a point of realization of belief in this medium to connect with their audience and an easy way to market their talent and abilities. After gaining a considerable count of followers, there is no looking back. It’s one of the best platforms to reach out to people. There is so much room for feedback too.

Videos like the Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe have reached millions of people across the globe and made a big splash. A number of artists like Psy, Adele, Bruno Mars and the like have become this famous only because of videos on the internet. YouTube is the most watched and most popular video sharing site in the Internet. Back in 2010, YouTube surpassed 2 billion video views per day and is continuously growing. Every 60 seconds, 24 hours of video are being uploaded into YouTube and about 20% of total uploads are music videos. This gives opportunity to many upcoming artists to be recognized online.

Here’s how a new music venture can pave their path through social media.

Content is everything: Creating an online avatar will reflect on the way the audience receives the talent. Share what inspires you, a musician you look up to, behind the scene videos, bloopers, lyric videos etc to keep the users entertained apart from the actual video itself.

Sync all platforms: A musician must use all forms of social media to the fullest. Syncing all social media platforms will lead to further reach and more interactions.

Engage fans: They love your music, they love you too! Engage with them and create conversations.

Social media has been a blessing in the sense of reducing privacy and encouraging young talent, who otherwise would have not found the outlet to exhibit all the talent buried inside. Whether it is an amateur artist trying to break out into mainstream or an established group wanting to improve its fan base, social media is the way to go!

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