June 3, 2016

Teaching Parents to Snapchat Can Drive You Nuts

Snapchat and parents can be a lethal combination. Parents are Gods, they are wonderful people, but when they want to learn something, it can get a bit frustrating. Remember the times, when you had to teach your mom how to operate Facebook? Well, we think this post is definitely going to feel like Déjà vu.

Also, it may be high time you accept that impending friend request from your father. Your efforts to ignore and avoid him now seem to be futile since your parents seem to be catching up with technology faster than you.  So if your parents have ever asked you, “What is Snapchat? How do you use it?”, and if they haven’t they probably will, thanks to Tanmay Bhatt, then this post is for you.



1. Locating the App on the phone

Me: Right there, the one with the ghost

Dad taps on Grofers

Me: The yellow one

Dad opens Flipkart

Me: (SCREAMS INTERNALLY.) (Gives up.) There you go, Dad.



Meme 1.1










2. How to Snapchat a picture

Me: You see that round grey button, focus on our dog and click

Mom moves phone immediately after clicking

Result – Timmy is Blur

Me: Keep it still for a few seconds

Mom: OK

Me: (Gives up.) This is fine. Now select uncle from the list and send out Blurry Timmy.

Meme 2.2











3. Receiving a notification

Me: Tap on the little purple icon you see right there on the bottom right.

 Mom takes a selfie by accident

Me: (Tears hair. Reminder time- My parents have done SO MUCH for me. )

(After 3 attempts. Success! Finally!)

(Mom’s happy. She receives a Snapchat from Aunt showing her cat getting toilet trained.)

Me: (Cries in the corner.)

Meme 3











4. Viewing Snapchats

Me: You have to see the picture quickly. You only get 10 seconds before it disappears.

Dad goes to the other room for spectacles.

 Me: But Daaad…

Dad stops randomly and starts talking to mom

He comes back after 10 minutes.

Me: It’s over Dad. There’s nothing to see here. Life’s over.

Meme 4









5. Taking a video

Me: Keep pressing the round button as long as you intend to record.

Mom: OK

Mom records a video of herself saying Hi to Aunty. Lasts for a few seconds but doesn’t let go. Keeps smiling creepily.

Me: Mom you’re done now. You can remove your finger.

Mom: Oh ok.

Me: Now send this video (2 seconds of which actually had her saying Hi. Rest of it was just her smiling) to Aunty from the list.

Mom: Okay

Mom sends it as a story.

*Before you go insane, don’t forget, YOU LOVE HER UNCONDITIONALLY.*

Meme 5












6. Using filters

Me: Tap here and switch to selfie mode. Allow the camera detect your face. Then select any of the filters you like and click a picture.

Dad: Ok. I want to try the face swap filter. Join me.

Me: Sure. Now hold it still so it can detect our face.

Dad CANNOT stay still.

After multiple attempts…

Me: There you go. You’re me and I am you.

Dad: This is funny. I want to share this…

 Me: Ok then save it once you click on the arrow above.

Dad Ignores. Shows it to everyone in the house and then just exits the app.

Me: Bye life.

Meme 6





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