July 16, 2013

The 4 C’s of Social Media

Social media is revolving and growing every day. It’s a great channel for brands to advertise and sell as well as the best medium to be in touch with their customers on a personal level. Some brands use social media because they understand; some others use the medium to not feel left out. Whether this or that, it is important to comprehend the medium right, and make full use of its facilities.

The 4 C’s of Social Media will help break down this concept in a breeze!

C#1: Community

Social Media is all about sharing and interacting. The good part is, people want to interact. To tap into that, each brand should have for itself a well defined community. Each social media platform gives way to a new form of interaction, even if the audiences overlap. Each community should consist of clients, as well as prospects.

C#2: Content

Content is king. As the right hand of a brand’s online presence, everything that will define the brand will be around the content that it carries. There is always somebody for anything that’s being sold. They would want to listen, communicate and be one with the brand. Entertainment on social media is also an expectation. As brands keep churning good content, users start liking the brand. If the brand continues to do so for a longer period of time, then trust is developed automatically.

C#3: Conversations

With the massive influence of social media, everybody wants to be heard. They want to communicate with the brand and share feedback. Engaging in healthy conversation with the target audience always will work in the favor of the brand. Not only will it increase the credibility the brand, it creates a sense of belonging and a relationship is built. A relationship that will go a long way, just by the exchange of a few words.

C#4: Conversions

Conversions do not happen overnight. Once the first 3 C’s are followed religiously, the fourth C will invariably fall in place. While driving people to a brand’s homepage will increase traction, it is not necessary that this will help conversions. Ideally, a landing page is what will help a brand the most. Get people to register with you, to tell friends about it, to give any form of feedback and to subscribe to updates via sms or email.

The above mentioned 4 C’s are important if a brand is taking social media seriously. Play the first three points perfect, the fourth one’s eventuality will keep increasing. Good luck!

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