December 10, 2012

The Power of Internet Memes

Internet memes may sound like a waste of time to many, something which people spend all day surfing and nothing really comes out of it. But in reality, internet memes mean big business. They shape popular culture, changed the way we live lives, and keep evolving with the ever changing modern society today.


Why should you consider Internet Memes?

An internet meme is a cultural phenomenon, which goes viral traveling from one person to another, swiftly. The word ‘meme’ has been coined by Richard Dawkins. Internet memes are usually jokes, urban legends, viral videos, funny pictures or contagious music. Memes today hugely influence modern language and culture. They shape how the youth, and the whole internet user population for that matter, live their lives.

Marketing and advertising professionals pounce on the internet memes, mainly because it’s inexpensive. Also, it is trendy and catches on very easily like wild fire on the internet and spreads like virus.

The more people go online, the stronger memes will be. Memes equals money. Internet memes have assisted in producing fame and fortune for many people, transforming nobodies to overnight sensations in the blink of an eye. Memes are a great opportunity, ceasing which will definitely translate into productive results.

 Memes as Promotional and Marketing Tools

Memes are not just a link building tool; they’re also an extremely effective promotional and marketing tool. Viewers do not always have the patience to read through a long article, which is where the concept of memes work best in putting an idea across. A meme can create ‘trust’ and ‘loyalty’ in your web base.

When memes get transferred from one social site to another, but of course you are recognized as the source of the meme. As it gains more popularity, the number of searches increases. This in turn brings more visitors to the web site. Successful meme marketing is a lot like viral marketing. It builds up online credibility, increasing social popularity. This also ensures that the meme has reached a wide audience.

Memes can sometimes work like magic and go a long way in just a couple of hours, or sometimes take a while to catch on. Social networking web sites aid in spreading your internet meme. Hence, social networking sites are the best platforms to experiment your memes with. The other added advantage is that you can always keep track of the success rate and popularity that the memes bring with them.

There’s one thing that we can conclude with: memes are one of the most important tools in online marketing today!

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