September 23, 2013

We Cast Our Vote to Vote!

On a Saturday when work was slow, owing to a good yet lazy weather and a scrumptious lunch, here’s an account of what actually fastened the pace of the day. We were asked to gather by 3 pm, and how prompt were we! The session started at 3.15pm with a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers from the ‘Art Of Living’, an educational and humanitarian movement actively engaged in stress-management and service initiatives, enlightening us about voting and elections.

The first question thrown to us was how many of us don’t vote. The number of hands raised was dismal. A number of reasons followed.

“I don’t know whom to vote for.”

“I don’t have a Voter ID.”

“Nobody has convinced me to take the efforts to vote.”

“My single vote won’t make a big difference.”

So on, and so forth.

One of the Volunteers kick-started a very impressive presentation which gave a detailed explanation about the Parliament, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Laws and Amendments etc. They also threw limelight on why it is important for us, as educated individuals to vote. How every single vote counts.

The volunteers have come forward and offered to help those without the Voter ID card & facilitate through the registration process. This, in a way has urged quite a few of us to come forward and take a stand. Some will vote, some won’t; but the lesson taken back home will definitely be shared with family and friends.

Of course, there is corruption. But if we don’t step up and try to mend the system, then who else will? There is no point to education if we don’t put it to good use. Politicians calculate an approximate number of votes that will be cast. If the portion of society that doesn’t vote decides to vote, then the politician is taken by surprise and calculations can go haywire.

The number of hands raised that promised to vote at the end of the session was a joyful full-house! Gozoopers will be seen actively voting in the next set of elections. Will you?

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