August 5, 2013

We Danced. We Laughed. We Hogged & Captured Memories.

The team Gozoop and Red Digital had to be acquainted, and baam! There was a reason to party. Our lovely Happiness Officers had arranged for an awesome party at Out Of The Blue, Khar on the 3rd of August 2013.

Prior to this event, a random pick up of chits decided ‘matches’ from the two offices. As Saturday approached, excitement was on the rise and all we could talk about was our party outfits and dressing up. The theme of the party was black and white, making it the easiest option for everybody to be in perfect sync. The hall looked gorgeous, and everything in sight was either black or white. Decked up in handsome shirts and pretty dresses, the party started with glamour. The DJ didn’t take long to get started on foot tapping music, and the shy ones were soon pulled on to the dance floor. And oh boy, some talent we found! The dance floor also saw Rohan and Ahmed shake a leg to some fast paced numbers. :)

IMG_20130803_223702    IMG_20130803_223952    IMG_20130803_224006    IMG_20130803_224010

The music was paused for a bit when each team came up to introduce themselves, each in their own distinctive style. While the dance and music resumed, fatigue took over most and of course, the smell of good food. Out Of The Blue, known for its Italian recipes, had put a great show with the food items. From mac&cheese, to the lasagna, thai curry, cheesecake, chocolate mousse and everything else, food was disappearing fast into thin air. The excitement infused air, cheerful laughter, dhinchak music and conversations made this evening an important day for Gozoop. We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction.

We danced. We laughed. We hogged. We captured memories. We made merry. We partied because we believe we do it best!




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