May 26, 2012

What We Did This Saturday!

I had a great experience with all the Gozoopers this Saturday, although, being a new joinee, I was a bit nervous (thought I would be the TARGET..Glad I wasn’t!! :p ). Everything went smooth as this Saturday’s theme was to spread laughter among others. Our Judge (Ms. Bansi) had formed 3 teams with 7 members each and we were supposed to make our Judge laugh by performing funny skits. The teams were selected by Gozoop’s new joinees (Inder, Anish & Deepak).

We all shared roars of laughter together, passing comments at each other’s skit. The winning prize was a surprise but eventually got leaked via sources: D (chocolates!!!).

The skit was to be planned within 15 minutes and each team had 5 minutes to put forth their performances. The funny part was no one had dialogues with them and randomly asked team members to say whatever they feel like. Everyone performed their funny role. But as we know, there’s only one winner, and GODFATHER skit (Deepak’s team) took the cream at last.

Here’s the winning team –

Rahul Jadav, Iyer Premkumar, Hrishit Trivedi, Paresh Thore, Deepak Ramesh, Amol Badhe and Prageeth Acharya.

Had a great time guys!

Keep smiling & laughing! Happy weekend! :)


– Inderbir Sarna


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