May 19, 2012

What we did this Saturday?

So, we had 4 newbies at Gozoop and all of us had planned an amazing induction session for them. The idea definitely got them all nervous, but come on, who wouldn’t be? All of us were casually talking about the induction session and discussing our strategies an hour prior to the most looked forward event of the day! :p Well, this din’t prove to be quite helpful. However, it turned out to be nothing but pure funnn!! :)

All of us had an awesome time in making our new team-mates feel comfortable and just at home! The induction helped in breaking the ice and was the perfect way to bring out the fun side of everyone. Our new teammates performed brilliantly and themselves were having a blast while they were at it! We also had this lame rule (no offense) in which every newbie had to lock their hands while they were at their tasks (The way we did it in school while reciting a poem, remember?) and if the hand lock was broken, they had to begin all over again!! However lame the rule was, nobody dared to break it! :p

The activity got everyone in a fantastic mood and definitely with a sigh of relief from the stressful week. The atmosphere was contagious… you couldn’t help but smile and laugh along with everyone! The tasks given to the newbies were hilarious and got us to know soooo much about them. The hi-fi’s and winks couples with huge roars of laughter made the new guys feel completely at home! (We saw them winking and hi-fi-ing too! :p)

With this amazing interaction between the new and the old, we all did have a blast! These events are not just fun, but add so much to our culture and moreover, helps in building a fantastic bond among the team. After this activity, everyone knows everyone, and there’s no awkwardness among the team whatsoever! The new mates are sooo much more comfortable and what could be a better welcome to them than this?

Not to forget, this was also one of our team mate – Mallisha’s last Saturday with us and we just couldn’t let her go without sharing some beautiful memories. While we opened our arms to 4 lovely new people (Anish, Angela, Neha & Nilesh), we’ll definitely miss Mallisha!

Signing off for the week… have an awesome weekend! :)


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