November 15, 2013

When we reminisced our school days

If you thought November 14th, Children’s Day was celebrated only in schools, we beg to differ. We had a blast!

Like obedient little kids, we all brought along with us to work, one thing we wore to school. Ties, shoes, knee high socks, overcoats, suits, jackets all came happily out of the closet. Needless to say, our obsession for photos is never ending. And we prove it every day, proudly.

IMG_20131114_124939 (2)

The day started with a yummilicious lollipop distributed to all. Who would have thought a small stick of lollipop would evoke and rekindle so many memories of the past. One sharing it with the other was indeed a beautiful sight.

Our happiness officers never let a special day pass without something special in store for us. Post lunch surprise saw us standing in front of an imilee wala preparing those tiny snacks, well forgotten in the past. From peanuts, to raw mangoes to so much more (refer image), it was quite a ‘sour’ surprise which was totally enjoyable. This session saw some priceless expressions after biting into something ‘khatta’. Oh boy! Those videos are so precious.

IMG_20131114_143612 (2)

Of course, work went on as usual.

The day ended with golas! Now how can one refuse a gola? The evening was breezy, orange and beautiful. A gola or two added to the awesome weather. Sugar rush was but expected at the end of this, but we for sure are not the ones complaining!

IMG_20131114_175057 (2)

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