July 20, 2013

Yet Another Saturday at Gozoop!

If you work for 6 days a week, Saturday is easily your most favourite day. But at Gozoop, it’s not only because we are one step closer to snoozing on a Sunday, but also because Saturdays are packed with events. So, since the last few weeks, we have had a number of new Gozoopers joining different teams and departments. Their pending induction had caused a sense of restlessness amongst the rest. Everybody had thought of a list of dares, ways of innovative introduction speeches and what not! It’s our own way of making the new entrants feel welcomed, feel a part of the mad riot that we are.  So, all the newbies were made to introduce themselves in their mother tongues and perform one dare that the others would decide. Solo performances of dance, mimicry and singing coupled with mad laughter made the afternoon a rather entertaining one.

The fun did not end there. We played Housie! The office was filled with enthusiasm, impatience and energy. We were bubbling with energy like never before. Each number that the Happiness Officer said brought with it loud cries of ‘YAY’ or ‘OH NO’ with it. The lack of pens to tick off numbers did not deter the enthu in the air in any way. The bait that was used was a huge Dairy Milk Silk for the one to finish the Fast Five, One Row or a Full Housie! Being the chocoholics that we are, this was all the more reason to hear intently, every number that was repeated.

Overall, we had a Saturday that brings a smile one each of our faces when we think back. Each Saturday gets better than the previous!

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