January 5, 2016

You Know You are a Gozooper When…

1. Your daily workout is running to Punch-In on time.

2. You wait for your birthday just for your cupcake.


3. Walking into office every morning is like being the king of Westeros, most of your time is spent fighting for a chair.

iron throne

4. The two pillars of your day are “Aunty” and “Anna”.


5. When you see an email that says ‘Surprise’ on a Wednesday, you immediately start running to the Ola office knowing that nothing runs out faster than free food.

eating mid week surprise

6. You have an album on Facebook titled #GZMoments

gz moments

7.  ‘Chilli Coriander Hummus’ is ordered wholesale and Pulse is consumed more frequently than water.


8. Your reaction when you  realize that the video you want to watch is only available on Youtube.


9.  When you want to have a meeting and there is a conference room free.


10. You spent a year telling the Happiness Team “Let’s go to Goa” and almost didn’t believe them when they made it happen!


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